I feel at peace the most when I am centered spiritually. There’s a calmness within and my thoughts are focused which puts my mind at ease. When dealing with mental illness you have to work overtime in making yourself see yourself the way God sees you. You have to affirm who you are to and in Him. Speaking affirmations over your life is vital to survival. You have to make yourself believe so that you don’t lose hope. Our goal here is to live and thrive in spite of.

Soul will deliver affirmations and biblical scriptures to help support each of us on our journey to mental health. I am in no way professing to be this strong person in faith, however the feeling I have when I experience the presence of God takes away all of the shame, guilt, and confusion. The more I am in tune with Him the better I am mentally. Now that doesn’t mean I believe that all you need is a bible to be whole. I don’t. There are times in despair when I feel so far away from Him. However, He has provided us with doctors, therapist, and various treatment plans to help us. It’s up to us to take our mental health serious and continue to seek what treatment works best for us.

Just like a healthy diet, exercise, and positive reaffirming affirmations a good support system is key to your mental health. I have found that no matter how much a person in your family loves you, sometimes they aren’t as accepting to your diagnosis. Unfortunately in the black community mental illness isn’t taken seriously which leaves a lot of us feeling alone. Soul will also provide information on support groups in the area.