One of the journey’s this blog will be taking me on is how I am managing without the assistance of medication. I decided a few years ago to go off medication because I was uncomfortable with the side effects of the drugs. In 2016 I was going through a lot moving back to Texas. I went back on medication for treatment of Bipolar Disorder and Depression. For whatever reason the medications weren’t working properly and I ended up in the hospital for the second time in November 2016. I was then prescribed some of the same medications with adjustments and some new medications because my diagnosis changed to Bipolar Mix with Psychosis. I was good for a while and life happened. The co-pays for my prescriptions went up and so did the cost of my doctor’s visits. Going on and off medication can make your symptoms worst so I decided to start really focusing on me mental health naturally.

Diet and exercise even while taking medication is known to be the absolute BEST medication. A healthy lifestyle contributes so much to your mental health while at the same time elevating your self-esteem. So here in BODY I will update you on my daily diet and exercise routine while at the same time giving you some insight on some of the local boutiques I adore. You know what they say, “you look GOOD, you FEEL GOOD”.